Should Public Cannabis Consumption Be Allowed?

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Therefore, when discussing the topic of banning cannabis consumption in public, you are also inviting a wider discussion about what we can and cannot do within a public space. Cannabis users won’t have a problem with adjusting to “private consumption” due to the criminality of the act in the past. Tobacco smokers would die.

How much government do you want?

As someone who has extensively studied the war on drugs, I have zero trust in the government. I have seen branches of the government play a political game for the past 70+ years, bending the rules and the narratives to suit their purposes.

For me, the smaller the government the better because I have lived as hunted individual by law enforcement simply because I chose to consume a plant. For those who place their blind faith in the government, I fear. These are the people who would think “Just Following Orders” is a justification for murder.

Government is not meant to tell us how to behave; it is meant to ensure that the rights of others aren’t infringed upon. However, by giving government more power, such as the case to dictate what you can and cannot smoke in public, you create a condition of enforcement.

What happens when you don’t comply?

Well, government looks weak which means that their ability to enforce the norm diminishes. In order to rectify this they have a few options: Increase the perception of the severity of the punishmentIncrease the brutality of enforcement The first one they achieve with their prison sentencing programs, where they give arbitrary years for crimes. There is no scientific method applied to giving someone “14 years for selling plant.”

The second one they achieve with militarizing the police, providing immunity to being prosecuted of crimes, and protecting police overreach.


Now, compliance is facilitated over the very real threat of death by cop. Allowing the government jurisdiction over your outdoor activities in such a way simply creates more space for them to operate their intimidation tactics. The Sticky Bottom Line We need to always be working to expand our personal liberties as much as possible. There may be some people who take smoking publicaly to the next level and toke up in parks all day. But for most people, we just don’t have the time.

But what public smoking will ensure is that restaurants, bars and music venues would be able to inject a new revenue stream that provides a substance that is arguably safer than the alternative — alcohol.

What you put into your body is your business, and if you want to toke up in public, you should be allowed. Maybe you just needed to clear your head, walk down to the park and spark one.

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