Will The Life Insurance Industry Cover Cannabis Users?

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Published in Cannabis Daily

Today the life insurance industry can accommodate and will not leave recreational users and those using for medical purposes in the dark.

By Annie Dudkiewicz

The legal cannabis market is planned to reach $43 billion by 2025. In the US, as of July 1, 2021, 47 states have legalized cannabis, of which 19 states have legalized it for both recreational and medical use. This means that 43% of the US adult population resides in these states and that by 2025, 5.4 million Americans will be registered as patients in medical cannabis states.

Looking at these numbers, a question that often arises is, “will all these people be able to get life insurance coverage?”

Up until recently, using marijuana was taboo and was not supported, even condoned, by the health care and life insurance fields. Things have changed, research shows more in-depth findings, and customer behavior and demand have shifted.

The bottom line is – yes! Individuals can get life insurance if using marijuana, and it may not even cost more. Of course, the final policy price and approval depend on the insurance company and other factors affecting the individual applying.


When insurers review an individual applying, there are quite a few factors considered: AgeWeightFamily historyHobbiesOverall health and medical conditions.Physical activitySleep habitsDiet So in a sense, marijuana usage is only one factor of a whole plethora of factors reviewed. Life insurance companies will likely dive in and ask how often and why cannabis is used and the medical reason or condition it is treating. Health and Marijuana Usage

At the time of marijuana usage, judgment and short-term memory are impaired. Use also alters perception and may put drivers at risk, for example. By the National Institute of Drug Abuse, marijuana may be linked with lifetime psychiatric problems and long-term health problems much later in life. Marijuana Usage Frequency 

Life insurance applications include questions about the applicant’s marijuana usage frequency. This answer helps companies categorize health classes and determines life insurance rates. Sporadic users can oftentimes qualify for nonsmoking rates, but each life insurance provider decides its own parameters for occasional or infrequent users. This is key, as smokers tend to be offered more expensive rates. Life Insurance Rates for Marijuana Users 

The bottom line, or the final quotes when applying for life insurance, will depend on cannabis usage or nonusage and age, gender, and the amount of coverage seeking. However, life insurance quotes based solely on marijuana use increase (two or fewer times per month for occasional users and more than two times a month for regular users). Medical Marijuana Usage


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