Futuristic CBD Vending Machines Touch Down In Florida — Where Are They Landing Next?

By Terry Hacienda, The Fresh Toast on

Published in Cannabis Daily

Yes, we still need our budtenders for a more personalized experience, but with the CBD vending machines, buyers can get access to products much faster and easier.

Miami is getting ahead with its cannabis innovations, and we are here for it!

At the touch of a button, CBD buyers living in the Miami suburbs can now get their cannabis products. Think about how you use a vending machine to get your favorite soda, and now imagine CBD-infused products automatically dispensed to you. Sounds cool, right?

Cannabis tech firm Cultiva developed the Wellness Pantry, enabling people (who download the company’s free app) to buy CBD products remotely. A similar machine like the one used to sell sodas and chips will be used, making the purchasing process ever so exciting. So how does this work?

How does the vending machine work? 

The machine comes with remote monitoring, and smooth operations feature as well as touchless payments. In keeping with the times, Cultiva’s CEO says CBD buyers can use blockchain technology to verify customer’s age.


Marijuana vending machines in other states are restrictive in their operations: dispensaries are given the sole authority to offer CBD products. But with the Wellness Pantry, the vending machine can be operated from anywhere, such as inside non-cannabis businesses and even in housing complexes.

Cultiva founder and CEO Daniel Torres insist that communities will gain access to quality products in a safe, fun, interactive, and straightforward way through this machine. The first Wellness Pantry will become fully operational this weekend, and it will be placed inside a condominium complex. The complex is owned by the largest amenity management company in America: NFC Amenity Management.

The first and last vending machine? 

Cultiva Wellness Pantry is not the first CBD vending machine to launch in the United States despite its promising features. However, it is one of the state of the art machines currently in the market, with Miami being the first recipient.


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