This Is The NFL Team With The Most Cannabis Loving Fans

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The data from a recent survey that considered the consumption of marijuana by fans of certain sports leagues and teams show that NFL fans consumed the highest amount of weed.

As more people discover the benefits of cannabis, the industry grows in leaps and bounds, with more cannabis-infused products flooding the market. A significant characteristic of any thriving industry is its ability to become multi-faceted such that there are several growing sectors within the same industry.

The cannabis industry is an example of a thriving sector with different sectors that cut across; research, planting, business development, consumers, sales, marketing, health, wellness, etc.

Although all sectors are essential, the marketing aspect of cannabis is at the center of the entire industry. You are about to find out how strategic marketing between cannabis companies and players broke the conservatism associated with cannabis in sports.

Cannabis and sports fans 

If you have created a fantastic cannabis product, your first point of call should be a marketing strategy, and who are the best people to focus on? Sports fans! Sports fans can get wild with excitement and love for their favorite team, and because sports is a global phenomenon, products marketed to this demographic tend to perform well in the market.


Cannabis gives the fans the “kick” they need to stay energized and excited throughout the game, and cannabis brands are beginning to make money off this interest. There is an increase in the number of athletes that have become cannabis advocates through cannabis sponsorships.

The strategy is simple: since the athletes have global appeal, fans pay attention to what they wear and the brands they support. Cannabis companies now work with pro-athletes to promote their products.

Despite some of the sports being conservative, the promotions are primarily successful because people are beginning to maximize the wellness benefits cannabis offers. The athletes make money off the deal, the cannabis company sells out, the fans are happy, and the marketing strategy succeeds.

How to effectively market cannabis to sports fans


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