What Can Marijuana Strain Names Tell You About A Product?

By Terry Hacienda, The Fresh Toast on

Published in Cannabis Daily

Having a regulated system of naming cannabis strains takes the pressure off marketing and PR strategists that most consumers feel are coming up with meaningless names.

Cannabis products are named the same way everything else in the world is named. Some names are unusual, some fascinating, some silly, and others logical. Most of these names have a tale behind them.

There are also cannabis strains that are named after the other older strains in the generation. A perfect example of this can be found in the naming system of the Kush varieties. Strains like Sputnik and Pre-98 Bubba Kush were named after unforgettable events in history.

And finally, we have names that give an idea of the taste or flavor of the product, for example, Sweet Dreams or California Orange, etc.

Nowadays, the naming system of cannabis products is not enlightening, and some even leave you confused. Very little effort is put into naming these products. Breeders focus on developing the product with little thought going into how it is named. Every year, at least 20 new products are developed, with new names added to the already confusing pile of names. Past System Of Naming Cannabis In the 60s and 70s, marijuana started getting exported across major countries of the world. The modern cannabis was called landrace strains and their seeds were also ferried across cities to be transplanted in different regions.

Back then, strains were named based on the original geographical location. For example; Durban Poison from Durban, Colombian Gold from Colombia, Panama Red from Panama, and several others that originated from Afghanistan, Central America, Mexico, and Jamaica.


When breeders began to cross-breed these strains, the genetic diversity of cannabis was born.

The cross-breeding of these strains was done to satisfy the consumer’s hunger for better effects, new flavors, and aromas, and just to satisfy a farmer’s curiosity.

Some breeds were developed coincidentally.

Although many of these breeds are extinct now, their vacuum has been filled up by newer hybrids that we’ve created over the years. Current Naming System Of Cannabis There is no international system of naming cannabis products. The name of a product is up to the breeder and the marketing agency in charge of promoting the product.


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