Do You Experience Withdrawal If You Stop Using Cannabis Cold Turkey?

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The doctor or substance abuse specialist may not give you any peculiar instructions on what to do, but it is a great idea to talk to someone first about your decision. The person will inspire and support you through your transition phase while also holding you accountable.

People decide to quit smoking marijuana for different reasons. Still, if you have been smoking regularly before the decision to quit, it will take a while before you ease into a marijuana-free life. On the other hand, if you smoke less frequently, you can quit entirely without feeling any need for additional support.

These withdrawal management tips will help you in the first 24-27 hours:

Get the right people around you, those who understand how important quitting is to you. You should inform and get friends, family members, and other people in your life to help you go through this phase.

Exercise is also helpful. If you can work out for up to 30 minutes daily, you will get a natural mood boost which aids with the removal of toxins.

Always eat healthy foods that give your body a consistent supply of nutrients and minerals. So go for fresh fruits, lean protein, and vegetables. If you have been taking junk foods, now is a good time to stop because such processed foods will cause you to feel sluggish.

Hydration is also crucial as drinking enough water will help you at this time. Please avoid soda, sugary and caffeinated beverages.

If you can survive the first 24-72 hours, you will do better with your withdrawal experience. Helpful steps you can take while dealing with withdrawal symptoms  Join support groups and take therapy seriously because you will need other people to help you manage the situation.


Detoxification centers are short-term programs that help people go through this post-marijuana process.

If you don’t feel perfect after taking these steps, please go to a rehabilitation center for assistance.

Be patient with the process and DO NOT entertain a relapse with marijuana. Bottom Line Withdrawal symptoms experienced when quitting marijuana will not always be severe for everyone. More so, marijuana withdrawal symptoms are milder than those you may feel with other substances such as cocaine and heroin. The symptoms are not dangerous, and some of the symptoms stop within the first 72 hours after you quit. Lastly, you may also need a therapist or someone to hold you accountable through the process.

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