Does Using Cannabis For Sleep Cause Crazy Dreams?

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At stage five, you will be in REM, and this is when your breathing gets irregular. Your heart rate increases, your eyes will move rapidly, and your muscles will be temporarily paralyzed. The REM stage can happen a couple of times as you sleep, depending on how long you sleep.

A complete sleep cycle lasts for 100 minutes, and the first REM period will start between 70-90 minutes after you fall asleep. REM also lasts for 10-20 minutes, which means your dreams occur within this timeline.

You wouldn’t know at what point you enter into REM because that is deep sleep, however, now you know that your dreams don’t happen at stage one. Therefore, whatever you dream about is from a place in your subconscious inspired by the emotions, the information you feed your mind, and experiences (past or present).

So what is the connection between dreams and cannabis? Cannabis and your dreams  For years cannabis has been known for having the capacity to suppress dreams due to the impact of THC on the brain. People who use cannabis frequently talk about how they see a decrease in REM when they sleep.

But then they also experience deep sleep, which means the person slips deeper into the subconscious level. This is not a bad thing because deep sleep is the most restful kind of sleep you will ever experience.

As you experience a decrease in active brain activity while sleeping, the THC in cannabis will help you stay in the subconscious world long enough to have a restful sleep. People who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorders or insomnia will need cannabis to calm the mind’s activity, which translates into calmer dreams.

When you spend more time in a state of deep sleep after taking THC, you may not wake up with as much clarity about your dreams, but you will have a more refreshing sleep experience.

For a deeper experience in the rabbit hole and to gain more clarity for your dreams, you may have to decrease THC intake before bedtime. If you take a higher dose, your mind will become very active, making it possible for you to have more detailed dreams that you remember when you wake up.


However, it is essential to note that suddenly quitting cannabis can lead to what is described as a “REM Rebound,” which changes your dream patterns altogether. If you must stop taking cannabis, please start by reducing your doses gradually instead of stopping abruptly. Bottom line Cannabis has evolved so much over the years. Unlike before, we now have it popping up in almost every conversation. The rabbit hole is your subconscious where all the dream action happens, and going down that rabbit hole is something that happens whenever you sleep. When you consume cannabis, the THC it contains works as a suppressant such that you have calmer dream experiences.

If you want to remember your dreams’ details, you can increase your CBD intake before going to bed. But if you don’t want to remember the details, then it’s okay to reduce your dosage.

With cannabis, you can take control of your dream life by determining what you want to remember and what you don’t want to remember. You also decide whether you’re going to have a deep sleep or just enough sleep to hold on to your dreams when you wake up.

If you have never paid attention to your dreams and your weed intake, now is a good time to start. You might notice a new pattern that entails you either gaining clarity with your dreams or enjoying a deeper restful sleep!

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