Should You Be Vaping Or Smoking Your Cannabis Flower?

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As we  all know, if you have a health condition that needs help from cannabis, you will need ALL the properties and parts of the cannabis. This realization means you may miss some vital properties through combustion. But those who just enjoy cannabis for fun will get a more refreshing experience through combustion, so it’s a case of your reason for using cannabis. How to get a good vaporizer  Since vaping is the most preferred and healthiest way to inhale cannabis, it is rapidly becoming popular among cannabis users. To get the best from vaping you will need a good vaporizer, while if you are taking cannabis intentionally for health purposes, a vapor device is essential.

It should be noted that vaporizers made with metal alloys are NOT recommended because they emit high heat. Some other vaporizers that contain plastic pieces near the heating elements are also not recommended as they release harmful compounds alongside the cannabis.

Please conduct your research on vaporizers before buying one. Below are a couple of helpful tips: Get a vaporizer with adjustable temperature controls  Temperature control is one reason why vaporization is effective for inhaling cannabis, so you need a vaporizer with adjustable temperature controls.

Buy a glass or ceramic vaporizer.

Metals and plastics are not good enough as cannabis vaporizers because of the toxic chemicals they release. Hence the reason you should stick to ceramic vaporizers. Don’t buy vaporizers with pre-filled cartridges.  These pre-filled cartridges contain thinning agents that will affect the quality of your cannabis. You must buy your weed yourself to verify the source and ensure that you are inhaling the excellent stuff. Bottom line Cannabis offers so much to users, and if you haven’t joined the cannabis trend, you might want to get started today! If you are already using cannabis, it is customary to consider your consumption method as you want to ensure that you are taking it the right way.

Both vaporization and combustion are popular ways to use cannabis, but they should be used based on particular circumstances and instances. For example, if you take cannabis for recreational purposes, it is okay to go the combustion way.


For recreational purposes, you are only looking to have fun with your weed at a party or after a long day at work. You will enjoy smoking cannabis for recreational purposes and bask in the “burnt” flavor/aroma. But if you are taking cannabis for medicinal purposes, vaping may be a better  option. Vaping helps you achieve the perfect temperature with your cannabis such that you get the required marijuana medication experience.

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