Biden Betrayal Shows Cannabigotry In The White House

By Andrew DeWeese, The Fresh Toast on

Published in Cannabis Daily

Cannabigotry shows up everywhere. Doctors at the Veterans Administration take men and women who have bled and suffered for this country off their pain meds because they test positive for cannabis. Use cannabis and need an organ transplant? Forget it, you’ll be taken off the donation list. Live in a non-legal state and your child needs cannabis with THC for a medical condition? Uproot your family to a legal state or you will be imprisoned for child abuse.

Here is what cannabigotry means, and what it continues to mean in Biden’s America:

It means that if you use cannabis, you cannot be trusted to participate in the running of our country’s executive branch.

It means that if you use cannabis, you cannot be trusted with a security clearance.

It means that if you use cannabis, you are more likely to betray our country.

It means that if you use cannabis, you are less of a person.

Here is the truth: Cannabis prohibition and cannabigotry have always been part of a white supremacist project, its oligarchic architects and supporters seeking to turn working people of different colors against each other to the great and lasting advantage of capital. The Biden Administration sustains and invigorates this white supremacist project by breaking its word to its staff.


As we march on towards legalization, we must also achieve normalization. We should condemn the Biden Administration’s betrayal and stand in solidarity with people wronged by cannabigotry.

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