Cannabis For Arthritic Joints Gives Millions A New Option

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Depending on the kind of joint pain you have, you can explore different ways of medicating with cannabis. For example, studies show that CBD is ideal for treating inflammatory pain, which is common among those suffering from injuries or arthritis. Scientists believe that CBD works in many ways to reduce inflammation, one of these ways is by blocking the inflammatory markers.  Other studies show that CBD increases the work of glycine receptors which are responsible for regulating pain and as a result, reduce neuropathic pain.

On the other hand, studies show that THC is good for neuropathic and central pain, or pain caused by cancer, fibromyalgia, AIDS, and other similar conditions. THC also contains powerful anti-inflammatory properties so they target the problem at its very root.

There is no one-size fits-all solution when it comes to cannabis for joint pain; it’s recommended to speak to a doctor who has experience working with cannabis. They would be the best resource to recommend products or strains that can be of the best help for your specific joint pain condition. Types Of Cannabis Products To Try For Joint Pain Topical: Balms and lotions infused with cannabinoids are helpful in treating joint pain. They provide localized pain relief since they are applied directly on the affected area. Some  products are also made with additional ingredients such as camphor, menthol, or capsaicin, which further help to alleviate joint pain.

Inhalation: Many studies have revealed that when it comes to treating pain, inhalation is the most effective way to do so. You can inhale cannabis products through a joint or using a vape pen. Just be sure to purchase your product from a reputable manufacturer to avoid the risk of consuming unknown chemicals.

Oral: Consuming cannabis, whether it’s THC or CBD, in oral form can provide therapeutic benefits to joint pain in slower onset compared to topical or inhalation, but relief will last for a much longer time. You can also make use of cannabis drops placed under the tongue, or using a tincture or spray for a quicker onset through oral administration.


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