The Cannabis Pre-Roll Hype In 2020 Was Real — And It’s Just The Beginning

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Planet 13, which introduced a pre-roll line recently, has seen its buying demographic shift during the pandemic, going from 90% tourist business to almost entirely local. The pandemic also led to consumers buying pre-roll packs, as well as mixing and matching from cultivators, said Farris.

Farris credited Planet 13’s extensive product choices, including its in-house brands, as a motivating factor in consumer purchasing.

The pandemic played its part as well, serving as an accelerant to an already hot market.

“The pandemic accelerated that trend as it led to more opportunities to consume with work from home arrangements and also caused conditions that likely led to increased usage,” stated Louie Reformina, chief business development officer at Turning Point Brands Inc. (NYSE:TPB).

Strong pre-roll sales are just the beginning, according to David Bleicher, brand manager of Green Thumb Industries Inc.‘s (OTCQX:GTBIF) pre-roll line Dogwalkers.


“Consumers will continue to seek unique ways to consume their flower and will demand it in convenient and single-use formats, like pre-rolls,” he predicted.

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