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ICYMI: Here are the headlines making news this week on The Fresh Toast. Are marijuana hangovers real? Anyone who has ever had an overly ambitious night with weed will tell you…yes, yes, they are; Picking the right cannabis strain is crucial for anyone searching for a specific feeling. Here’s how to make the right choice; People who use marijuana have more sex for a reason (and it’s not what you think!).

Let’s dive into these stories and more as we round up the top five headlines on The Fresh Toast this week: Marijuana Hangovers Are Real: What You Need To KnowPhoto by South_agency/Getty Images You eat one and then another. After 30 minutes or so of feeling nothing but the need for a tall glass of milk, you devour a couple more of those delectable little boogers. It is somewhere in the middle of a “Seinfeld” binge when the weed starts to kick in. And it keeps on keeping on.

Soon you are as stoned as you’ve ever been in your life. It’s actually a lot of fun, up to the point when you realize that you have to be at work first thing in the morning and the pot brownies are refusing to loosen their grip. Yet you manage to crash out…eventually. But in the morning, that dastardly alarm clock wakes you from a stoned slumber and something just isn’t right.

You’re in haze, a bizarre funk, unlike any you’ve ever experienced. It is difficult to put on socks, and forget about tying your shoes. This, my friends, is a sure sign you have entered the realm of the weed hangover.

Continue reading >>> How To Choose The Best Cannabis StrainPhoto by Add Weed via Unsplash Cannabis has different strains. Picking the right one is crucial for one to get the feeling that they are looking for. One can choose to go with those that contain THC or the ones that do not have this component such as CBD oil.

Important to note is that cannabis is not legal in most states, and one must bear this in mind before trying to buy any weed product. For countries where the use of cannabis is permissible, it is best to buy from authorized dealers to make sure that the weed bought is good quality and free of harmful substances. Back street dealers tend to lace their product with other substances that can alter the normal functioning of the body.

Continue reading >>> Is Marijuana Addictive? Let’s DiscussPhoto by Sharon McCutcheon via UnsplashEvery time you light up a joint or inhale the vapor from a THC-infused vape or crunch down on an edible or put a couple drops of a THC-infused tincture into your coffee, you are effectively becoming part of a statistic: the marijuana addict. There are so many ways to get THC into your system now, and researchers say that’s the problem. Having so many options, often packaged in such a way that it just seems like ingesting this psychoactive drug is harmless fun with a sort of backhanded illusion of safety, is just the sort of thing that makes anti-marijuana believers think that there is more to see here. They smell coverup. They sense capitalism overreach threatening citizen health. They see a brand new industry jostling with the rules to make a buck. Continue reading >>> Does Marijuana Increase Sexual Appetite?Photo by There is some controversy over whether marijuana actually increases sexual appetite. Some believe the herb puts them deeper in the moment and allows the overall sexual experience to become more enjoyable, while others are of the opinion that this perceived enhancement is nothing more than a stoned illusion.


A 2018 CNN piece on the subject from licensed couples therapist Ian Kerner indicates that it’s more likely that pot plays a positive roll in the bedroom.

Although scientific minds are still unsure how marijuana might boost libido, some sex professionals believe the answer is as simple as marijuana giving a person the ability to calm down and get out of their heads.

Continue reading >>> Female Cannabis Leaders: Why Are There So Few?Photo by Karolina Grabowska from PexelsThe marijuana industry is poised for another leap of growth with the election, an increase of use by seniors and healthy sales during COVID-19. As companies rush to cash in on the trend, few companies are doing it in a way to ensure diversity among leadership by including more women executives. Attorney David Feldman, a partner at Hiller PC and a leader in the marijuana industry shared his view. “The first active networking group was Women Grow, which also welcomes men to its events. Early on, it was immediately apparent life in cannabis was going to be refreshingly different from many other industries (including Wall Street) with which I have been involved, because of the important, dedicated and leading role of women in the space.

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