5 Hacks To Prolong That Marijuana High

By Maria Loreto, The Fresh Toast on

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The more you use marijuana, the more likely it is for the herb to become less effective. Here’s what you can do to make your highs last longer.

Seasoned marijuana users know that the more they smoke, the more their tolerance builds and the harder it is to stay high. While this problem is inevitable and occurs naturally once your body acclimates to the plant’s effects, there are a few tricks out there that can help you make your marijuana highs more intense. Here are 5 of them. Foods A lot of users claim that having some mango or mango juice an hour before consuming marijuana is a magic trick for a really intense high. This delicious fruit contains myrcene terpenes, which are also present in cannabis. These compounds bind to each other and magic happens. They also make for a pretty healthy treat, which is good for the munchies.

Nuts have also been associated with powerful highs because they contain fatty acids, which bind with cannabinoids and make your high hit you faster. Sweet potatoes supposedly put you in a good mood, which works well if marijuana turns you into a paranoid Debbie Downer. Workout Channeling all of your marijuana super-powered focus into a physical activity can be really effective, especially if you’ve never done it before. This experience can prove to be really intense and a boost for your metabolism and system. Smoke in a closed space Also known as “hot boxing,” smoking up in a confined space amid the fumes can get you high pretty quick. While it might not be super healthy for your lungs, if you’re looking to get high and stay high, hot boxing sounds like a pretty effective method. Mix things up If smoking just isn’t what it used to be, try out different methods of consumption. If you’re a smoker, try vaping or edibles. If you prefer joints, try using a bong. A switch could trick your body and provide a much needed fresh start, making your highs stronger and longer-lasting. Take a tolerance break If nothing else works, you might just need to take a break. Marijuana’s lessening effect is due to the fact that your body becomes desensitized to the plant’s psychoactive effects. Most seasoned users swear by this trick. Just like with any other substance, this practice gives your body a cleanse of sorts, providing a fresh start.


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