Florida woman catches bear eating her avocados


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(UPI) A Florida woman captured video of a bear she caught in the act of eating avocados from the tree in her yard.

Lynn Wracan of Davanport said the bear has been seen wandering in the Thousand Oaks area for months, and she recently spotted the bear showing interest in one of her trees in the early morning hours.

Wracan said the bear initially appeared to be interested in her Christmas lights, but she soon realized the animal was stealing avocados from the tree.

"No, he's eating our avocados," Wracan is heard saying in the video. No, that's not a good idea, pumpkin. Oh, you're gonna take a nap now? Seriously?


She said the bear has been blamed for fruit disappearances from multiple trees in the neighborhood. She said authorities told her there is nothing they can do.

In another friendly bear incident, a resident of Heathrow, Fla., awoke last week to a text message from a neighbor alerting him to the presence of a bear in his yard. The resident, Chuck Robbins, went to investigate and discovered the bear was asleep on his porch -- right outside the front door.

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