Former Chiefs star Jim Kearney reunited with Super Bowl ring lost at golf course


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(UPI) A former player for the Kansas City Chiefs was reunited with his 1969 Super Bowl champion ring when a member of the public found it in a golf course parking lot.

Jim Kearney, who played as a safety for the Chiefs from 1967-75, said he initially suspected the ring had flown off his finger while he was using the driving range at Shoal Creek Golf Course in Kansas City, Mo.

Kearney was forced to change his theory, however, when Dylan Garcia found the ring in the golf course's parking lot.

"It said 'Super Bowl' on it, didn't know if it was real or fake or not," Garcia told KMBC-TV.

Garcia decided to take the ring with him and was able to make contact with Kearney to return the precious item.


"I'm glad he got it. I can't imagine losing something that valuable," Garcia said.

Kearney said he is grateful to have it back.

"When you look at this you think, 'I must have been pretty doggone good,'" Kearney said.

The incident marked the second time Kearney's ring has been lost and returned. He previously lost it in 2016 at a Kansas City car wash.

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