Goat that ran through Spanish city escapes a second time


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(UPI) The goat that ran loose through the middle of a Spanish city before breaking into a jewelry store was taken to a farm -- where it escaped for a second time.

The goat, which made headlines for its Wednesday dash through downtown Cartagena and was eventually captured after breaking into a jewelry store, was taken to Jose Rosas' farm in the Escarihuelas area while authorities attempt to find the owner.

Rosas said the male Iberian goat was placed in a field with a flock of sheep, and shepherds soon discovered the goat had fled -- less than 24 hours after coming to the farm.


Shepherds and local authorities searched for hours until the goat was finally located and brought back to the farm.

Police said they still don't know where the goat originally came from before appearing in Cartagena.

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