WATCH: Toronto billboard offers a single stick of string cheese for trade


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(UPI) A Canadian man who found a stick of string cheese in the refrigerator of his new home offered the snack up for trade with a large billboard ad in the middle of downtown Toronto.

The billboard, erected this week in Yonge-Dundas Square, offers up a single marble-flavored stick of Black Diamond Cheese String.

"For Trade: One Cheesestring," the billboard reads. Accepting trades for one cheesestring. Marble flavor. Still in original packaging. No lowballs. I know what I have.

Angel Domingo, the man behind the billboard, said he found the stick of cheese in the refrigerator of his new home in Toronto. He said he has experience using resell websites to trade items including vehicles, car parts and furniture.

"This is probably the strangest thing that I've ever had to had to offer up," Domingo told Global News. Somebody told me that I wouldn't get anything for it and nobody would want it, but I guess people some people really want it.


Domingo said he has already received multiple offers for the cheese.

"I think the most anybody had to offer me was they they offered me two Persian cats," he said.

Domingo said he has not yet accepted any of the offers. He said the cheese is "still edible" and has months until its expiration date.

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