Wall of 54,321 dominoes topples at Michigan school for world record


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(UPI) A team of domino artists convened at a Michigan school to assemble a wall from 54,321 dominoes and break a Guinness World Record.

Steve Price, one of the judges on the Fox series Domino Masters and brother of Trillium Academy third-grade teacher Kristina Price, brought a team of artists to the Taylor school to attempt the Guinness World Record for the longest domino wall.

The wall, consisting of 54,321 dominoes, wrapped around the entire gym at the school. Nearly 50,000 more dominoes were used to create multiple chain reactions around the gym.


"One of our students, Emily Wright, actually started the topple," assistant principal Deanna Doede told the News-Herald newspaper. The wall itself was the final piece that toppled. There were multiple chain reactions that led up to that incredible moment.

Doede said the domino display took nearly a week to assemble -- and mere moments to topple.

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