Bearded dragon rescued from 'SpongeBob' pineapple toy


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(UPI) Veterinarians at a Massachusetts animal hospital rescued a bearded dragon from an unusual situation when the lizard got his head stuck inside a toy pineapple.

The New England Animal Medical Center in Bridgewater said in a Facebook post that Randy the bearded dragon's owners brought him in when he got his head stuck inside a toy pineapple -- the undersea home from SpongeBob SquarePants.

"Randy, the bearded dragon, tried to visit SpongeBob Square Pants yesterday and ended up in the ER," the post said. We're not laughing at you Randy, we are laughing with you.

The veterinarians said they broke the toy open to free Randy without injury.


"The pineapple didn't make it, but Randy is back home happily laying in the sun," the hospital wrote.

The post said Randy's predicament was "the cutest emergency we've ever had."

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