Alabama couple convert helicopter into 'helicamper'


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(UPI) An Alabama couple who spotted the main body of a helicopter on Facebook Marketplace decided to buy the aircraft -- and converted it into a camper.

Blake Morris and Maggie Morton, both U.S. Coast Guard helicopter pilots stationed in Mobile, saw the helicopter body for sale from a Florida man on Facebook Marketplace and started getting ideas.

Morris said he came up with the idea of converting the retired aircraft, which had formerly been used by German military police and the U.S. military, into a camper.

"I asked Maggie and luckily she was very supportive. I was expecting her to say I was crazy, but she actually said that's a great idea," Morris told WPMI-TV.

The couple started an Instagram account to document the process of building the "helicamper."

The pair said they were even able to track down some photos of the helicopter being used in Germany.


"It went to the German military police first, then it got bought from there and used in Afghanistan with U.S. troops for a few years then in came here in about 2011 back in the states," Morris said.

The helicamper now featured numerous amenities.

"Outdoor speakers, outdoor TV hook up, cable hook up ... we're not roughing it for sure. The TV swings around so you can watch that in bed or when you're making food in the kitchen," Morris said.

The couple said the camper also gets a lot of attention on the road.

"We've got a lot of honks and when we'd stop at some of the stoplights, people would honk and roll down their window and ask what it was or they'd give us a big thumbs up," Morgan said.

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