WATCH: Kangaroo wanders into warehouse office in Australia


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(UPI) Animal rescuers were summoned to a warehouse office in Australia when a mother kangaroo with a joey in her pouch somehow found her way into the building.

Andrew Hargreaves said he went into the back of his office in the Richmond area of Adelaide to find a customer's order and was shocked to come face to face with a kangaroo.

"I gave it some water, some bread. It was actually coming up to me, so it was quite friendly, quite calm. And then it started coming into the showroom, just walking around customers," Hargreaves told 9News.

Animal group Fauna Rescue was summoned to the business to escort the kangaroo outside. Rescuers said the kangaroo resisted and kicked at them before being safely ushered into a carrier.

The rescuers then discovered the kangaroo was a mother with a joey in her pouch.

"Kangaroos get quite defensive when cornered in that situation," Simon Adamcyzk of Fauna Rescue said.


Hargreaves said he was unable to determine how the kangaroo got into the building.

The kangaroo was released outside the city.

Firefighters in Queensland had an unusual kangaroo rescue of their own recently when they were summoned to a Mount Isa home on a report of a kangaroo on the roof.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services said the roo ended up rescuing itself by jumping into some nearby shrubs, but they were left with the mystery of how the animal got into the rooftop.

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