Saint Louis Zoo announces birth of critically endangered Amur leopard cubs


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(UPI) The Saint Louis Zoo have announced the birth of two critically endangers Amur leopard cubs.

The female newborns are the first cubs born at the zoo since 2010. Their births help the Amur leopard population in North American zoos as they are considered to be one of the most endangered cats in the world.

The Saint Louis Zoo uploaded to Twitter photos and videos of the cubs.

This marks the first litter for mother Dorthy who also goes by Dot, aged 4 and Samson, aged 4. Samson moved to the zoo in 2021 following a breeding recommendation by the Association of Zoos an Aquariums.


Both cubs appear to be healthy.

Less than 100 Amur leopards remain in the forests of Primorye Province in far eastern Russia.

Recently, the Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden announced that its adult female okapi, named Kayin, will be giving birth to her first calf this fall.

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