$1 million jackpot is Pennsylvania man's fourth major lottery prize


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(UPI) A Pennsylvania man won a $1 million prize from a scratch off lottery ticket -- marking his fourth major lottery jackpot since 1999.

Mike Luciano, 55, of Altoona, confirmed he scored a $1 million prize from a $20 scratch-off ticket Jan. 6, the fourth time he has visited Pennsylvania Lottery headquarters to collect a major prize.

Luciano previously won a $500,000 lottery prize in January 2021, a $3 million prize from a scratch-off ticket in 2016 and a $100,000 prize from a Cash 5 drawing in 1999.

Luciano said after collecting his 2021 prize that his good luck comes from spending a large amount of money -- he declined to say exactly how much -- every week.


"I'm convinced no one wins this many times without playing more than they should," Luciano told the Altoona Mirror in 2021. I'm addicted to it.

He cautioned others not to attempt to replicate his feat.

"People shouldn't do what I do," he said. I don't want them to think -- I mean, I'm not ungrateful, this is unbelievable and I couldn't be more thankful it's happening to me -- but I don't want people to think it will happen to them.

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