WATCH: Bald eagle steals shark from angler's line on Florida beach


Published in Weird News

(UPI) A Utah woman visiting a Florida beach captured video of the moment a bald eagle swooped out of the sky and stole a shark from the end of her husband's fishing line.

Amanda Rissman said she and her husband, Chad, were visiting family in Pinellas County when they decided to visit a beach off the Dunedin Causeway to watch the sunset.

While at the beach, Rissman's husband decided to put his fishing skills to the test, having just received his license earlier the same day.

Rissman hooked what turned out to be a shark, and while he and an uncle were preparing to cut the predator free from the line, a bald eagle swooped out of the sky to steal the catch.


Rissman posted a video of the theft to TikTok.

She said the eagle spent about 20 minutes eating the shark on the beach while the family watched the sunset.

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