Clerk chooses $1 million lottery ticket for Michigan woman


Published in Weird News

(UPI) A Michigan woman who allowed a store clerk to pick out her lottery tickets for her ended up winning a $1 million jackpot.

The 47-year-old Genesee County woman told Michigan Lottery officials she went into the Miller Point Mart in Flint to buy some scratch-off lottery tickets, but she didn't know which tickets she wanted to buy.

"I asked the clerk to pick some lottery tickets for me," she said. I was on my lunch break and decided to scratch them before heading back into work. When I realized I'd won $1 million, I thought for sure I was reading the ticket wrong. I couldn't believe it!


The player won her top prize from a $10 Cash Game ticket.

The winner said some of the jackpot will go toward funding a family vacation, and the rest will go into savings.

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