Kentucky store earns Guinness record for world's largest pocket knife


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(UPI) A 34-foot, 6-inch folding knife created in Kentucky was certified by Guinness World Records as the world's largest pocket knife.

The knife, installed outside Red Hill Cutlery in Radcliff, the home of the Kentucky Museum of American Pocket Knives, was confirmed as the world's largest pocket knife by Guinness, and a ceremony was held Wednesday to commemorate the achievement.

Jason Basham, co-owner of Red Hill Cutlery and the mastermind behind the record attempt, said the hope is that the world's largest pocket knife will serve as a tourist attraction for the museum and the town.


Red Hill Cutlery said the blade alone weighs about 1,500 pounds.

Guinness World Records said the rules required that the folding knife be fully functional. The organization said the knife's creators also took care to ensure it would be able to withstand harsh weather including tornadoes and ice storms.

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