Visitor to Indiana casino scores record jackpot on $1 slot machine bet


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(UPI) A visitor to an Indiana casino walked away with a $690,623 jackpot -- the largest in the facility's industry -- after placing a $1 bet at a slot machine.

The French Lick Casino in French Lick, which opened 16 years ago, said a man named Andrew placed a $1 bet at a Wild Party slot machine and scored a $690,623 progressive jackpot Sunday that had been growing since June 2019.

Officials said the sum was the largest jackpot in the casino's history, besting a $265,880 prize scored by a casino visitor in 2013.


Jeff Whereatt, the director of slots at French Lick Casino, said it's rare for jackpots of that size to be won at privately owned casinos.

"It's a very big deal. Around here, you don't see a lot of local jackpots or progressives this high," he told WTHR-TV. In places like Las Vegas where they can link multiple properties together you see jackpots get high, but in Indiana, you don't see it often.

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