Google Trends analysis reveals each state's most misspelled word


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(UPI) An analysis of Google Trends data identified the most commonly misspelled words in each state -- with "quarantine" topping the list in 12 states.

AT&T Experts, an Internet and phone service vendor, analyzed Google Trends data from March 2020 to March 2021 to identify the most common searches beginning with "how to spell."

The data revealed "quarantine" was the most searched spelling word in Colorado, Connecticut, Indiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, Oregon, Tennessee, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming. The analysis found the most common misspelling of quarantine was corn teen.

"Coronavirus" was the most misspelled word in Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Vermont and West Virginia.

Other words making the list include "favorite" -- Georgia, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, New Mexico, Ohio and Virginia -- and which -- Alabama, Arizona, Louisiana, Oklahoma and South Carolina.


Three states had trouble spelling "every," Hawaii, Mississippi and Montana. Three others, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota, had the most trouble spelling believe.

"Definitely" was the most-searched spelling word in New Hampshire, New York and Utah. Separate, meanwhile, was the most common spelling search in California and Rhode Island.

Words appearing only once on the list were "eighty" (Alaska), receive (Arkansas), government (Delaware), succeed (Washington, D.C.), pharaoh (Florida), piece (Idaho), multiplication (Kansas), watch (Maine), exercise (North Carolina) and confident (Texas).

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