WATCH: Loose donkey trots down Rhode Island road


Published in Weird News

(UPI) A driver on a Rhode Island road captured video of an unusual pedestrian wandering in the roadway: a loose donkey.

Authorities in Johnston said the donkey was first spotted about 7 p.m. Sunday near the border with Scituate and was seen again at 8:30 p.m., but police were unable to locate the wandering animal.

The city of Johnston famously dealt with a loose steer that escaped on its way to a slaughterhouse in February, and the animal was on the loose for nearly two months before being recaptured.

The city's authorities also dealt with a trio of nuisance turkeys that caused traffic hazards for weeks in 2018.


Mayor Joseph Polisena said the donkey could prove difficult to corral.

"He looks like he's in good shape. He's fast," Polisena told The Providence Journal. I'm hoping my animal control people can keep up with him.

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