New Hampshire woman rescues hawk from backyard pool


Published in Weird News

(UPI) A New Hampshire woman came to the rescue of a hawk that ended up in her backyard pool and was in danger of drowning.

Cortnie Langley of Mason said she arrived at her home in Mason this week to find a hawk struggling to swim in her backyard pool.

She said she was unsuccessful in attempting to use sticks and rope to lift the bird of prey out of the water.

"After I saw his head go under once or twice I knew I had to pull him out of there so thankfully I was able to get him out with my hands," Langley told WMUR-TV.


Langley said the hawk perched on her arm and remained there for about 20 minutes before it flew away.

"So I'm just grateful that I was here, right time, right place and I definitely would do it again if I had to," Langley said.

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