WATCH: 'Mad' zebra escapes truck in Tennessee town


Published in Weird News

(UPI) Residents of a Tennessee town were warned to beware Friday morning when a "mad" zebra escaped from a truck and went wandering near an elementary school.

Prescott South Elementary School in Cookeville posted on Facebook to warn local residents of the unusual visitor to the town.

"Good morning Prescott Families -- There is a zebra on the loose in the Prescott area. It escaped a truck, was tased, and is mad. Do not approach. (Yes, really.)" the post read.

Ashley Danielle Francis, a teacher at the school, said she thought the Facebook account had been hacked until she spotted the animal from Highway 111 on her way to work.


Francis snapped photos of the zebra wandering at the side of the road.

School officials said the zebra was safely captured Friday morning.

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