Woman wins lottery jackpot 10 years after husband won sweepstakes


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(UPI) A North Carolina woman discovered Super Bowl Sunday is particularly lucky for her family when she won a $268,132 jackpot 10 years after her husband won a sweepstakes during the same event.

Marie Magee told North Carolina Education Lottery officials she was shopping for the big game at the Publix store in Kill Devil Hills when she decided to pick up a Cash 5 lottery ticket for the Feb. 7 drawing.

Magee said she checked her lottery app and discovered she was one of two people to match all five numbers, earning her half of the $536,264 jackpot.

"It's exciting. I never thought this would ever happen," Magee said.

She said her husband initially did not believe the news.


"He thought I was kidding of course," she said. But Super Bowl Sunday must be our lucky day because I think about 10 years ago, he won a La-Z-Boy lounger on Super Bowl Sunday in a football sweepstakes!

Magee said she and her husband are making plans for the winnings.

"We're not retiring but we're getting close to it," she said. We were just gonna pay off some things and use it for investment.

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