WATCH: Dog missing in stolen car returned after two weeks


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(UPI) A dog stolen in Denver on New Year's Day inside an unlocked car was returned to its owner after being missing for two weeks.

Donna Lopez told police she left her black SUV in the parking lot of a convenience store with her Australian cattle dog, Spitfire, inside.

"I left her in the car, and apparently I left my keys in the car." Lopez told KDVR. And when I turned around and came back out, the car was gone.

Police said a 41-year-old driver, allegedly drunk, crashed the car a few blocks away, but Spitfire was nowhere to be found.


As Denver temperatures plunged to 16 °F, Lopez returned daily to a field near the scene of the accident and left articles of her clothing and called for Spitfire.

Animal Control reported Thursday that the dog had been found by construction workers.

"They went there and cornered her, then called me up and brought her to me," Lopez told reporters. It's all been so surreal, Lopez added. I'm overwhelmed that she's home.

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