Florida wildlife officials rescue six trapped manatees


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(UPI) Six trapped manatees were rescued at Pine island Conversation Area in Florida by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conversation Commission.

The FWC Fish and Wildlife Research Institute posted photos of the rescue on Facebook Thursday and noted that the manatees likely got into the refuge system by swimming over a concrete weir during a high-water event that later didn't allow them to swim out.

Five of the six manatees were rescued first, with four of them released back into the wild following a health assessment.

The fifth manatee is being rehabilitated at Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens.


The sixth manatee was recused the next day and also taken to Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens to be rehabilitated.

A manatee previously spotted with a bicycle tire wrapped around its body appeared more than a year later with the tire gone, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission reported in December.

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