Couple win $100,100 in two-day lottery winning streak


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(UPI) A North Carolina couple are celebrating a two-day lucky stream after they won a $100,000 lottery jackpot just 24 hours after collecting a $100 prize.

Nancy Kelly of Hickory told North Carolina Education Lottery officials her husband, Dean, visited The Ole Store in Rhodhiss the day after she won a $100 prize from a scratch-off ticket.

"My husband went down to pick up some things at the store and bought one ticket. We got home, I was making dinner and we were watching Wheel of Fortune when I decided to scratch it off and there it was," Kelly said.

The $150 Million Cash Explosion ticket turned out to be a $100,000 winner -- bringing the couple's two-day total to $100,100.

The couple said they have a system for playing lottery scratch-offs.


"He picks them out and I scratch them," Kelly said.

Dean Kelly said he's happy to let his wife handle the scratching.

"She's always been lucky," he said. That's why I don't mind that she scratches.

The couple said they are still deciding what to do with their winnings, but a trip to California with their two sons could be on the horizon.

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