Women get wedding dresses back 31 years after mix-up


Published in Weird News

(UPI) Two Ontario, Canada, women were reunited with their wedding dresses 31 years after a mix-up at the cleaners that was discovered only recently.

Cathy Prior said she hadn't looked at her wedding dress since it was cleaned and boxed at Cascade Cleaners in St. Marys, Ontario, after her wedding in 1989.

Prior said in a Facebook post that she recently opened the box and realized she had the wrong dress.

The post came to the attention of Kayla Hotson, who had recently attempted to procure the dress worn by her mother, Janet Hotson, for her own wedding, but opened the box to find it was the wrong dress.


Prior and Hotson exchanged photos and soon realized they had one another's dresses.

The women set up at Cascade Cleaners, where the mix-up happened 31 years ago, to exchange gowns. The owner of Cascade Cleaners, who said the incident was an unusual glitch, offered to rebox the dresses for the brides.

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