UAE athlete breaks Guinness record for side jump pushups


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(UPI) A United Arab Emirates bodybuilder broke a Guinness World Record by completing 33 side jump pushups in 1 minute.

Walid Yari, 34, a power engineer and bodybuilder known as "The Beast of the Middle East" on his social media channels, took on the world record for side jump pushups, also known as flying pushups and superman pushups.

The exercise requires an athlete to jump to the side after each pushup, while keeping both arms extended during the jump and not bending at the knees or waist.


"Well, we all know that with great power comes great responsibility. And by power, I mean core strength to defy gravity and explode mid-air with a superman pushup," Yari said after beating the previous record of 26, which was set by Indian athlete Harpreet Singh.

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