Monkey escapes enclosure at Irish zoo


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(UPI) A monkey escaped its enclosure at a zoo in Ireland and led zookeepers riding golf carts on a chase through the facility before being recaptured.

Visitors to the Fota Wildlife Park in Cork said the zoo was put on temporary lockdown Tuesday when a monkey escaped from its closure and ran through crowds of onlookers while being pursued by zookeepers in golf carts.

A zoo spokesman confirmed the exits were blocked while staff pursued the primate, a male roloway monkey named Valentino.


"Valentino was continually under observation by the animal rangers and was quickly coaxed into a secure holding pen and returned safely to his island habitat. At no time was he in danger, or a threat to any visitors or members of the public," the spokesman told CorkBeo.com.

The zoo did not disclose how Valentino managed to get out of his enclosure.

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