VIDEO: California state worker celebrates 77 years of service, 100 years of life


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(UPI) A California state worker is celebrating her 77th year of working for the government -- and her 100th birthday.

The state government said May Lee, 100, is the longest-tenured employee with the state, as well as the oldest serving state employee.

Lee has worked for the state for 77 years, most recently as a financial analyst with the Department of General Services. She said she still prefers to do her work on budgets with a pencil and paper.

"It's just as easy to do it by hand -- and fast -- then put it on the computer," Lee told KABC-TV.

Coworkers said Lee often goes above and beyond in her duties.

"She's very meticulous in all the reports that she writes," longtime colleague Carol Weathers said.


Yolanda Richardson, secretary of the Government Operations Agency for California, said Lee is a "state treasure."

"Most people would look at her and think she should be in a rocking chair somewhere on a porch," Richardson said, adding that Lee still comes to work and contributes.

Lee said she has no plans to retire.

"I think I did the best I could in this world, both in work and life and with the family. So I'm satisfied with my life. I'm happy," she said.

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