Egyptian athlete breaks world record for aerobic step-ups


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(UPI) An Egyptian athlete broke a Guinness World Record when he completed 56 aerobic step-ups in a single 30-second session.

Mahmoud Mohamed Ayoub, who previously broke the Guinness World Record for most hand release push-ups with the thumbs in one minute, set up a training bench in front of the Hibs Temple in Elkharga to break his latest record.

Ayoub, who posted video of his attempt to YouTube, completed 56 step-ups in 30 seconds, breaking the previous record of 51.


"As a fitness enthusiast and graduate from Faculty of Sports, I always looked up at Guinness World Records titleholders as super humans, and it never crossed my mind I would ever be one of them," Ayoub told Gulf Today. Then I started to realize that world records are varied, and if you search carefully there are ones that are within reach and achievable.

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