Woman's jackpot-winning lottery numbers came from a dream


Published in Weird News

(UPI) An Australian woman won a $700,000 lottery jackpot using the same numbers she has played ever since they came to her in a dream 15 years earlier.

The Redlands, Queensland, woman told The Lott officials the ticket she purchased for the July 6 Monday & Wednesday Gold Lotto drawing bore the same numbers she has been using for years.

"The numbers came to me in a dream about 15 years ago, I literally saw them appear one by one, and I've been playing them in that exact order ever since," the woman said.

She said she immediately knew she was the winner when she saw the winning numbers.


"I knew they were my numbers because I've been marking them on my entries for so long, probably for more than a decade," she said. The numbers have always been good to me, I've always won little amounts over the years but now this. It's amazing!

The woman was the only division one winner in the drawing, earning a top prize of $700,000.

"I've always wanted to be in a position where I can help my family, and now I am," she said. I'll certainly be using this to retire a little earlier than I thought I could.

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