VIDEO: Fishing 6-year-old reels in long-lost phone that still works


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(UPI) A 6-year-old girl fishing in a Maryland river reeled in a cellphone that was dropped into the water nearly a year ago -- and it still works.

Reagan Votaw, 6, was fishing with her family in the Severn River when she reeled in her first catch of the day: a cellphone in a waterproof case.

Votaw's mother, Emily, said they took the phone home and let it rest for a while in rice to absorb any moisture. They then plugged the phone in and were surprised to see it still functioned perfectly.


The phone belonged to Preston Shapiro, an eighth-grader who said he dropped the phone into the water while kayaking nearly a year earlier.

Shapiro said he was shocked to find out that the phone still worked after nearly a year in the river.

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