Couple's argument leads to $177,777 lottery jackpot


Published in Weird News

(UPI) A Virginia woman said an argument with her boyfriend turned out to be a lucrative disagreement when it led to winning a $177,777 lottery jackpot.

Chyanne Creel, of Roanoke, told Virginia Lottery officials that she and her boyfriend, Joshua, were having an argument recently and they decided to go for a drive to cool their tempers.

Creel said they made a stop at the Nishi Food Mart in Vinton to put gas in the vehicle, and she asked Joshua to go inside to buy her a drink and some scratch-off lottery tickets.


The player said she started scratching the tickets off when they were back on the road and one of the tickets, a Lucky 7s Tripler game, turned out to be a $177,777 top prize winner.

"We turned right around," Joshua recalled of deciding to abandon their aimless drive -- and their argument -- to cash in their prize.

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