Lost wedding ring found buried 20 years later


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(UPI) A metal detector operator searching a 300-acre property in England found a wedding ring that turned out to have been lost by a former neighbor 20 years earlier.

Tyrone Holman, 50, said he was using his metal detector on Church Farm, a property owned by the Hull family in Occold, Suffolk, when he unearthed a wedding ring with an inscription: "With love, Christiane."

Holman turned the ring over to farmer Chris Hull, who recognized the unusual spelling of "Christiane" and determined it likely believed to former neighbors who had moved to Gooderstone, Norfolk.

Hull sent an email to Christiane Hewitson, 72, asking if a date engraved on the ring -- Sept. 9, 1967 -- held any special significance for her.


Hewitson replied the date was the day of her wedding to husband, John, 75, who lost his wedding ring in 2000.

"It was very upsetting at the time, but we just had to let it go and never did we imagine that we would get it back," Christiane Hewitson told the East Anglican Daily Times.

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