Escaped cow blocks Scottish commuter train for an hour


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(UPI) A large highland cow was dubbed an "absolute unit" by railway workers in Scotland when it wandered onto the tracks and blocked a commuter line for about an hour.

ScotRail said Tuesday on Twitter that the large, long-haired cow had escaped from the nearby Pollok Country Park and wandered onto the tracks near Glasgow, blocking the path of a commuter train.

The organization said the "absolute unit," a popular online slang term for an unusually large person or animal, was spotted on the track at Pollokshaws West. Sorry if you're being delayed due to this.

Network Rail Scotland later tweeted a video showing the cow being led away from the tracks by a person with a bucket of food.


The cow was returned to the park, along with some of its bovine brethren that escaped at the same time.

Commuters were delayed for about an hour during the cow crisis, officials said.

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