Unusual personals ad leads to date for 'lonesome' duck


Published in Weird News

(UPI) A Maine man's "lonesome" duck has a date with another local avian thanks to a personals ad he posted on a local bulletin board that then ended up on Facebook.

Chris Morris, 31, of Blue Hill, said his duck, Yellow Duck, has been showing signs of loneliness ever since her mate and another duck were killed by a bobcat about two weeks ago.

Morris crafted a personals ad, complete with a hand-drawn picture of Yellow Duck, to help her find a new companion.

"Duck seeking duck," the flyer reads. Lonesome runner duck seeks companion. Partner recently deceased.

The bottom of the flyer reads: "Serious replies only."


The flyer was spotted at the Blue Hill Co-op by Brook Ewing Minner, who posted a photo of the ad to Facebook.

The post came to the attention of Sadie Greene, owner of Mountain Foot Farm in Dedham. Greene said she has several male ducks at her farm.

Greene and Morris are now arranging for Yellow Duck to meet one of Greene's male ducks this weekend to see if they hit it off.

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