Python feared on the loose in Scottish neighborhood


Published in Weird News

(UPI) A Scottish woman is asking neighbors to keep an eye out for a missing python that might have found its way into someone else's home.

Aryanne Finnie said her royal python, Lillith, escaped from her home in Calderwood, East Kilbride, and the snake suffers from a neurological disorder that makes her get disoriented easily.

Finnie said the non-venomous snake is friendly, but she is worried someone might confuse Lillith for a threat and harm her pet.

"My initial fear was that she's went through to neighbor houses," she told STV. That is the last thing I want because she is not going to hurt you. She is a great little animal.


Finnie said she is currently investigating whether Lillith might have made her way under the floorboards of her home to be near the warm pipes.

"If she was out in the cold I would be absolutely terrified and don't think I'd be finding a live snake," she said.

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