Excited lottery winner left ticket behind at store


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(UPI) A Maryland woman who scored a $12,327 jackpot in the state lottery's Racetrax game was so excited she left her winning ticket behind at the store.

The 70-year-old Baltimore resident told Maryland Lottery officials she was out with her significant other and they ended up at the Ravenwood Shopping Center in Towson because he wanted something to eat.

The woman said her partner went to the Giant grocery store to find food while she decided to stop into the E-Z Convenience to play a lottery game.

The player decided on the Racetrax virtual horse racing game and placed a two-draw Superfecta wager on horses 2, 5, 10 and 7 -- numbers she said represent family birthdays. She ended up winning a $12,327 jackpot.

"I just looked up at the screen and saw my numbers," she said. To be honest, I don't even know how to play Racetrax! I usually just tell the cashier, 'Straight for $1 on Racetrax' and they know what I mean.

The woman took her ticket to the counter, where the cashier confirmed she had scored a big prize. She rushed back to the car and told her partner about her win as they started driving away.


"I didn't believe it was that much," the woman's partner said. I needed her to show me the ticket.

The winner then realized she didn't have her winning ticket.

"She made me turn around in the middle of Taylor Avenue," the man recalled.

The woman was relieved to find the store clerk was holding onto the ticket for her. She claimed her prize Monday at lottery headquarters.

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