Man plays pinball for 32 hours to break Guinness record


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(UPI) A Wisconsin man broke a Guinness World Record by playing pinball for 32 hours and 2 minutes, with only 5-minute breaks every hour to eat, drink and use the restroom.

Ryan Clancy, owner of amusement center Bounce and Fling in Milwaukee, used a single pinball machine for more than 32 hours during the weekend to break the Guinness record and raise money for Children's Hospital of Wisconsin.

Clancy said he spoke prior to his attempt with Wayne Johns, who set the previous pinball world record by playing for 30 hours and 10 minutes.


"He was full of encouragement and gave me some good advice," Clancy told On Milwaukee. We also traded barbs and at one point he said it would be fine if I decided to quit at 30 hours and 9 minutes.

Clancy was allowed a 5-minute break every hour, and careful records were kept to submit to Guinness World Records to have the pinball fan's accomplishment officially recognized.

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