VIDEO: Great horned owl struck by truck ends up stuck in front grille


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(UPI) A great horned owl is recovering at an Arizona sanctuary after ending up with its head stuck in the front grille of a truck that struck it on the highway.

Mike and Annette Hanson said they were driving home from a night out Wednesday when they heard the sound of an impact outside their truck.

The couple said they discovered when they arrived at their home in Glendale that they had struck an owl, and it was still stuck in the front grille by its head.

The Hansons said they attempted to remove the bird themselves, but stopped when they determined they were only causing the owl more stress.


The couple contacted Liberty Wildlife, which was able to send rescuers Thursday morning to extract the owl.

Liberty Wildlife said the owl did not appear to have any serious injuries, but they will be keeping it for observation and some tests before releasing it back into the wild.

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